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I have been a customer of Pace tires on and off for years. I have always been on a quest for a good mechanic anywhere in Queens. Every time I think I have found one, I end up getting ripped off on the second or third visit. Pace never gave me a problem over the years, so I should just have stuck with them. The closest they came to a problem was last Friday afternoon when I left my car in for routine oil change. I also asked to check a very slight hesitation with the engine. They changed the oil and plugs and also cleaned the throttle body. When I got my car back, it was running like crap with check engine light on. At first they tried to tell me that there may be additional services required on the car. It was late Friday, so, they could not fully check out the car until following Monday. On Monday, they took in the car without a fuss. They found out that the problem was due to a mistake made by their mechanic. They fixed it and returned the car in perfect running condition. Apologies and no Charge. . Mechanics make mistakes. A true test of a company is in how they respond to a complaint and rectify the situation. On this test they get 100%.. They are honest and reliable. I will go there, and only there in the future.